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and pristine countryside in petaluma. and it was just that picturesque backdrop that attracted city slicker and hollywood producer laura howard to the area with a unique idea. >> i just packed up my bs and said i'm done with l.a., and i want to go find some goats and have a go at this. so, drove to sonoma county 'cause that's where, you know, all the big cheese companies and yogurt companies were. >> she just said, you know, look, this is what i want to do. i want to make a goat ice cream, and i want tuse your milk. >> and they just had a flavor named after them. we have a ozen yogurt now called "brownie and clyde." this is bubbles...blossom...hi, blossom. >> so laura left la-la land for the land of laloo's, which is the name of her newest project: goat milk ice cream, the first of its kind on the market. ice cream is just the latest product to be derived from the nutrient-rich and naturally low-in-calorie goat milk. from cheeses to yogurts, goat milk is gaining popularity across california. the golden state has more than 30,000 milking goats, making it tops in the nation, all of which does
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1